12 Aug 2010, 12:18pm

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What It Takes To Create An Ideal Family

We are very well familiar with those traditional ‘happy family’ photos like this one. Smiling mom and dad, and smiling happy children. However, we know so well how hard it is to create an ideal and happy family. Some people are so hopeless about this so they prefer not to get married and live their live alone.  Well, everything is not that dark and hopeless, guys. There are certain rules and factors which play a role for creating a happy family. Wanna know what are those? Read more then…

1. Ideal familyWhat are the most important principles of your life? What things are the most important for you, and what are of less importance. Love, career, hobbies, social life? In the context of personal life, those can be mutual respect or mutual challenging, support or competition, discipline or total freedom in daily behaviors, traditions or modern tendencies.

2. What are your mutual interests? If all members of your have a strong passion for something, it will your family strong and happy. No matter what that passion is, music, knitting, baseball or comedy TV shows, you’ll always have a lot to talk about, meaning that you’re much more than a bunch of people sharing the same house.

3. What are your family traditions, and do you have any at all? Do you cook the same meal for every Christmas and do you go to celebrate your anniversary to the same place every year, where your grandma and grandpa used to celebrate? This is not a key point for being an ideal family, but family traditions are important because they are something that make us unique and feel truly belong to our family. Those are what our children are going to keep for ages and what we will be linked to even centuries later.

4. Do you have a space for the development of your family? Sometimes when people get married and bring children to this world, they start believing that they’ve done already everything they could. However, as the children are growing up, every family should develop and learn. Remember that parents need to teach children and prepare them for living in the cruel world. And the best way to do that is together, coming a step closer to being an ideal family.

5. Are you effective in your conflict management? No ideal family life is linked to scandals and quarreling, but it does not mean that there are no problems and stressors in an ideal family. The main idea is to learn solving the problems without raising the voice or blaming each other. Learn not to avoid and neglect your problems, learn to talk about them to each other and find the best solutions together. Learn to be patient and tolerant.



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