Personal Harmony: Vegetarian Lifestyle

Vegetarian lifestyle is one of the most common types of achieving personal harmony and harmony with the world around us. Vegetarianism, or eating only plant-based foods, is very common in modern world: in particular, it is estimated that about 80% of current Indian population are vegetarians. People adopt this style of living for many reasons: in the context of ethical or aesthetic viewpoints, due to some economic or religious reasons, as a traditional or cultural idea, or with the desire to take good care about own health.

Vegetarian dietThe main reason why we eat meat is to receive high quality proteins which have all 8 essential amino acids. However, it was scientifically proven that modern types of vegetarian diet which include beans, cereal, nuts, veggies, fruit and other plant-based foods is able to provide us with the amounts of proteins necessary for our normal daily activities.

It is said that vegetarianism is linked to lower chances of cardio-vascular diseases and cancer. At the same time, following a vegetarian diet is connected with a lack of certain vitamins and minerals, decreased function of the immune system, lower energy levels and sometimes lower libido.

In many families, vegetarian lifestyle is a tradition, and very often parent look for an answer to the question, is it good to use a vegetarian diet for infants and children, or should they better eat some animal-based foods for better development and growth. The world’s leading nutritionists could not come to a common point regarding this issue: some say that a vegetarian diet can be sufficient for any growing body, but some are convinced that consuming no animal-based products (primarily milk and eggs), can’t make a child grow and develop properly.



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