24 Aug 2010, 1:55pm

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How To Avoid Gaining Extra Pounds

Weight management and inability to maintain the optimum body mass are among the most common problems for all modern people. Sometimes special diets and recommendations of the nutritionists can’t help us fight with our cravings, consume less calories and lose weight. That is why many specialists suggest us first of all combat our bad habits, inducing eating and sleeping disorders, exercise and do not overload our body with rapid changes in diet and daily routine. What else can be done for an effective weight management?

1. Begin your day with eating some fresh fruit. American specialists from Pennsylvania are convinced that starting your day with a fruit or veggie salad can help you eat less. Their experiments have shown that eating a small portion of salad 15-20 minutes before lunch helps consuming less calories during the day.

2. When preparing your salad, do not add its dressing or sauce, just serve it in a separated small saucer. Then, when eating the salad, just dip your fork into the sauce before taking some salad onto it. This way you’ll consume less dressing or sauce, and gain less calories.

3. Beware caffeinated and carbonated drinks. Many of those have more calories than some of cookies or brownies.

4. Practice ‘walkie-talike’ style communication. When someone calls your cell phone, get up and start doing some walking or physical exercises while talking. This habit is very useful and according to the studies, this way you can lose up to 1000 kkal per month meaning losing about 2 kilos a year.



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