Green Tea For Weight Loss

Green tea holds the position of one of the most useful therapeutic beverages on earth. It is a very rich source of natural antioxidants, which have a variety of therapeutic properties. Regular consumption of green tea is linked to better and more youthful skin, increased rejuvenation processes, improved hearth health and lower cholesterol levels in blood, as well as inhibited ability of body tissues to grow cancer cells and lowered chances for tumor development.

Green teaGreen tea originates from Japan, where this beverage is widely used as an important element of daily diet and for speeding up weight loss. In addition, green tea is also valued as one of the rarest natural products which does not evoke any personal sensitivity and does not cause allergic reactions.

The scientists say that those who want to put off weight should use the powers of green tea as it has a variety of natural elements and compounds which are capable of blocking production of such hormone as amilase, which speeds up starch digestion and favors weight gaining. Therefore, regular consumption of green tea allows starch be evacuated from our body without being digested. In addition, using green tea on a regular basis can help improve our dental health because it is very rich in fluoride and does not have any compound or ingredient which would have properties to damage our dental health.

If you want to use green tea for your individual weight management program, all you need to do is just eat a low carb diet meaning that you should not eat potatoes, bread and bakery, as well as other product high in carbs. Drinking one small cup of green tea 15-20 minutes before and after meal is all you need to do. Also, Japanese nutritionists recommend using green tea for cooking your meals: in particular, boiling rise using green tea. Remember that daily dose of this beverage should not exceed 6-7 cups.



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